Sep 28, 2011

How to point Trend OfficeScan clients to new server

After losing our Trend OfficeScan/WSUS/Intranet/App server in an unfortunate idiot accident our department was left with the scattered remains. We had to install OfficeScan on a new server and update the client machines to reflect the new hostname and port settings. A quick and dirty solution was to use PsExec and execute the Trend IpXfer.exe tool. And Im all about quick and dirty :) First I copied the IpXfer tool to our domain controller netlogon folder. This will ensure that clients choose the closest DC to execute IpXfer.
I then ran the following command : psexec \\* -u domain\administrator -p yourpw "\\\netlogon\trend client update\ipxfer.exe" -s trendserverip -p 8080

PsExec will now merrily enumerate your domain and update your OfficeScan clients. Don't worry if you see an "Error code 0 exit" error, the clients should still update. You have the option of specifying a file with a list of IPs or single hosts if the big bang approach is too cavalier for you.

Hope this saves someone some time...sometime.

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