Jan 5, 2009

OSPF integration on Cisco and MikroTik RouterOS

A while ago our IT Department implemented a wireless WAN solution to replace the Diginet fixed line infrastructure we had. The wireless equipment includes Poynting antennas and MikroTik router boards running their RouterOS software. The bandwidth we getting is roughly 20-30 Mbps, as opposed to 64/128 Kbps we had on fixed line...(yeah I know!!). The reality of living in South Africa is that bandwidth is pretty damn expensive as one company owns the monopoly. Hopefully Neotel will be challenging that soon.

Anyway back to the topic. On completion of the wireless project our Cisco and RouterOS routing tables were a crazy mixture of EIGRP and static routes. To solve this issue I decided to merge all our routing to OSPF as both platforms support it, and its way better than RIP. It was a leap of faith as I have a lot of experience with Cisco but I have never done a multi-vendor implemention.

To my surprise it was a walk in the park! A couple of config lines and OSPF started doing its thing. The great thing about using Winbox with RouterOS is that you can see inactive routes as they appear in the routing table. This allowed me to verify that all the OSPF routes were correct before disabling the static routes.We now have a scalable network with dynamic fail-over and little administrative overhead. I added some screenshots and the basic Cisco OSPF config, but if you need any advise on a similar project I will be glad to assist where I can.

#Cisco OSPF Config
router ospf 100
network area 0
network area 0

#RouterOS config with Winbox



Maroon said...

i'm really in a big trouble in connecting mikrotik rb750 to the cisco vpn with ospf.

would you please help me to do that? and let me know what config you need to see in order to start helping me

highly appreciated!

g said...

Hi Maroon,
Not sure if you managed to figure out the solution to your problem yet...
If your VPN is connected and running fine between your two sites then it should be transparent to OSPF. The main thing to remember is you have to enable the OSPF process on the VPN link using the "network" command.
Send me a diagram and your IP ranges and Ill try to help out.