Jan 20, 2009

ASP.net and AJAX made simple

Our practice is just about ready to make the BIG decision on a proposed PACS implementation. So before the PACS tidal wave drowns our little IT Department, I managed to find something interesting to keep me occupied.
This week I stumbled across a website offering a host of video tutorials on Microsoft ASP.net's AJAX implementation. Now I know very well that this is nothing new, but its still new to me! During my undergrad studies we had a 6 month course on ASP.net which I passed by the skin of my teeth, to this day I still don't know how seeing as though I barely studied for the exam...So my ASP skills is rusty to say the least.

Luckily Joe Stagner and his team from Microsoft has done an excellent job making it really easy with step by step instructional videos to create rich data driven web apps. Although I am a big fan of Open Source, doing most of my recent web dev in PHP and MySQL, it is still very useful to know what's out there in order to chose which platform best suits your needs.

I compiled a short list of tools you'll need to get cracking:

Have fun!

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